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Pvt. Lorraine J. Turnbull M. C. W. R.

22nd Trg. Bn. Bks. 108 Co. B-2

Recruit Depot, Camp Lejeune

New River, N. C.

Miss Jean Turnbull

3009 N. Highland Blvd.

Milwaukee, 8,


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Jan. 8th

Dear Jeanne,

I’ve been so darned busy I haven’t written but two letters all week.

We’re getting sorta excited now because we only have two more weeks left before we graduate. I heard today quite a few kids are getting sent to California so I’ve got my fingers crossed. It just started to snow & it’s really coming down now. It was raining and sleeting this morning. I’ve got a killer of a cold so I stayed in this afternoon.

Do you ever see Keith? Did Jim ever come over? Do you ever see Harriet? I had a nice long letter from Blanca the other day—she’s in Columbus, Ohio working.

Saturdays around this place leave us total wrecks. We’re all so tired by 8 o’clock we’re ready to go to bed. At six o’clock I left the barracks on a cleaning detail. I sorta got rooked into doing it—one of those volunteer businesses where they practically say we’ll take you, and you & you. I was in the middle of the squadroom directing the calisthentics [sic] when in trots our Police Sgt. wanting about fifteen girls. As the word volunteer came out she looked directly at me. We swept the whole theatre & move[d] every seat. After that we had 2 classes & then a big Regimental Review & Captains inspection. After dinner we drilled for an hour in the rain & then took two final exams followed by another class.

I got a $20 bill from Doomie for Christmas—Nice, hey? Gees, I hope I can get out to Dago, L. A. or Frisco. I’d sorta like to go to Aviation Machinists Mate school. We’d learn everything about planes and probably learn to fly them—at least taxi them. Two weeks from now I’ll know unless I’m on mess duty.

Say Hi to Keith & tell him thanks for the Christmas card & maybe I’ll drop him a line sometime if I have time.

Our uniforms are positively wonderful, but we don’t have handbags yet. Maybe they won’t get any in at the uniform shop so would you ask at the Boston Store, Gimsbels & buzz over to Goldfish’s—

on Wells & 2nd or Plankington. Ask for the “Official” Marine Corps W.R. Handbag. You could give me that for X-mas if you wanted to. I don’t think they cost, too much.

I heard about dear little Jane’s stubbornness. Have you seen Fuzzy lately? How did you think he was? Where is Dillon now.

Write. Any luck with films?



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