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3 Oct. 43

Dear friends

Just recently I received your letter of May 30th. Naturally I was glad to hear from you all. I must apologize for not writing sooner but I have been very busy. Since coming up here to Dutch Harbor I have received some cigarettes which you sent me. Let me thank you right now for thinking of me.

I must admit that I never kept in touch with the Bryant Service Club but I have moved around quite a bit since coming in service.

There isn’t much I can tell you about this place for we are subject to censorship. I am going on my forth month up here and it isn’t so bad. We have bowling alleys, gym, and movies up here. Hence we are really living.

I write often to my ex roommate Larry Barbeau, he is still in Virginia. I was glad to hear Ben Scuda was found alive. I knew him very well. Often I think of the swell times I had back at Bryant and wished that I was there once again. I think of all the friends I made there and wonder where they are.

I have no idea when I will get back to the states again. Most likely not for a long time. We must all have faith and know that victory will soon be ours. Please remember me to the Faculty and to everyone else. I will be anxious to hear form you in the near future.

Until we meet again

Yours truly
Richard C. Walrath

Richard C. Walrath SK 3/c
Co. A Pet. 3
7th Spec. Batt.
c/o Fleet Pass Office
San Francisco Calif.

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