WWII;Charles A. Wiesel

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[Transcription begins]
[Crossed out by hand]:
[Alternate address written by hand]:
Co B (Prov.)
Vint Hill Farm Station
Warrenton, Virginia

Bryant Service Club
Bryant College
Providence, R. I.

Dear Friends:

I received your delicious package of cookies about an hour ago but they are only a pleasant memory now. They were very much appreciated and enjoyed. Thank you all for your generous gift.

We have a marvelous K.P. system here. The table[s] are all set and food is there waiting for us when we arrive. When we have exhausted the supply of food on the table, we merely signal a K. P. who takes the serving trays & plates up to the kitchen for refilling. Usually the K.P.s will walk around asking, “are you gentlemen in need of anything—can I get you something else?” Very soon I, too, will be asking these same questions.

The authorities do not allow us to divulge the name of the school or the nature of the course. However, I will be applying some of my training that I had received at Bryant. I understand logic is the most important thing that I do need. Time will tell whether or not I possess this.

I wish you all a very successful future and I again thank you for your thoughtfulness.

Yours sincerely,
Charles A. Wiesel
[Transcription ends]