The Senior Honors Thesis is the Capstone course for Honors students. The thesis is a scholarly endeavor which can be conducted as a traditional thesis, a creative project, or with a problem-solving premise. Students can choose to embark on a research area outside their major/minor since multidisciplinary experiences are highly encouraged in the Honors Program. Working closely with faculty mentors and advisors, students undergo the task of deciding on a research topic, creating a thesis proposal which includes a hypothesis and literature review, and explaining the research methodology and materials to be employed in conducting the inquiry.

Completing the Honors Thesis is a highly prestigious accomplishment, and many of the completed theses find their way to reputable publications around the world, and are referenced and/or searched by thousands of scholars. The Douglas and Judith Krupp Library, together with the Bryant Honors Program, encourages students to submit their completed theses to the library repository so that they may be made available to the entire Bryant community as well as other academic institutions globally.


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