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My Darling Wife,

Excuse the pencil honey, but I’m saving what little ink I have to address the envelope with.

Well here I am back in the wilds and I’m so goddamned disgusted I’m burning up.

This morning I signed out and ate breakfast etc. and got to line at eight o.k. But, in the usual manner no one knew anything about where I was going or when. So I didn’t get off until nine o’clock after convincing them I wasn’t going A.W.O.L.

A first Lt flew me down to Eglin itself first, and then over here to Aux #4 from whence I am leaving. So he drops me here and takes off for Craig. And again I go through the old routine. Nobody knows nuttin’ no speake de English. So at this point I am getting annoyed, very annoyed. “What the hell kind of an outfit is this,” says I, pulling my rank. It got results- they sent me to Captain so-and-so. No, he didn’t know, - maybe Major….. no sonny, report to Colonel what’s-his-name. About the only person I didn’t see down here was Eleanor, (she was away). So finally, some Corporeal (no by gosh, he was a P.F.C.) comes running up to me with the glad news that I wasn’t supposed to get here until Friday. If I could have gotten hold of a gun then I would have shot him, the captain, the major, the goddanmed colonel, and then blown my own blasted head off!

But everything is not lost. A plan begins to form in my feeble mind. Maybe I can get a ship and fly back to Craig, returning home tomorrow morning. So I go see Captain so-and-so. No, he can’t give me permission, better ask Major….. Forget it, forget I even mentioned it I said desperately trying to control myself. My next stop was the Officers Club where I proceeded to drown my sorrows in two or three dozen beers.

Out of all of this I have but one question to ask: - why the hell didn’t I join the Navy?!

I’m supposed to leave Saturday. There are two Instructors going with me and two other officers from Napier + Spence. Each advanced school has a man representing it. I’m representing Craig. It must be a big meet, they’re guys from all over the country going down.

I tried to call you tonight but the local phone wasn’t working. I hope they get it fixed by Saturday.

What did you do after I left? I know you can’t answer it but I like to ask anyhow. What time did you get up? Do you miss me? My darling I didn’t think I could ever miss anyone as much as I do you. These last few days have been wonderful darling, although maybe a little tiring, boy I was beat last night. I’m going to hit the sack early tonight and sleep late tomorrow. Boy I’m going to feel lonely sackin’ solo again. Have you heard any news about a car yet? (what am I asking you for, you can’t answer me)

Oh honey, you’d better wrote the photographer and order some pictures for me and mom. Have a set made for each of all of them, understand – all of them! It’s $1.50 apiece for 8x10. But he’ll send us a bill. We’ll have some more made later. The Kodachromes can wait too.

I’m so mad honey. We could have had the whole day together today. Oh well, we ought to have alot [sic] of time when I get back. I’ll have to sit around until the next P-40 class starts.

I miss you so much angel. You’re a wonderful wife darling. I’m the luckiest + happiest (also the loudiest [sic]) guy in the world. You’re the sweetest girl.

I love you darling. How are you feeling- I hope? Take care of yourself. And always stay as sweet and lovely as you are.

You have all my love always

Your devoted husband


P.S. - I love you.

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