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Dearest Judson,

Honey, I really should be addressing my Christmas cards now but you’re much more important than any old cards.

Well, honey, first of all I have a lot to tell you. To begin at the beginning—I woke up at some ungodly hour of the morning. Oh, I just remembered something—censored [word crossed out underneath] Had the funniest dream last night. The only thing I can remember is that you and I were sailing someplace. It was a huge boat and we were having a marvelous time. Can’t remember any more.

Well, that’s beside the point. Anyhoo—I got up this morning and slid to the doctors. Golly, it was so cold and slippery. I’ll bet you’re freezing to pieces up there. Stewart is so cold. They have the nicest tropical breezes blowing gently up there all the time—like at the Air Show.

Well, first of all I had to wait half an hour to see the doctor. Some little boy had bashed his finger in the car and he was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Well, the doctor gave my ankle a treatment. That took ages because the phone kept ringing and he had to run and answer it every few seconds.

Then he started the examination—He scared me half to death because he kept frowning about everything.

Well, you now are engaged to “death warmed over”—I might as well just give up trying to live. Wait til you hear all the things that I have wrong with me.

Well, first of all I have low blood pressure. He said that wasn’t too bad because what may be low for one person may be quite all right for someone else. And guess what. Have you ever seen those ads where a girl is sitting looking very unhappy while another couple are laughing gaily in the background (not a Mum ad). Well, the girl it seems has borderline anemia. Well, guess who else has it—me. Can you imagine me anemic? Is that spelled right? Anyway he said it wasn’t bad. Something about hemogoblin [sic] in the blood. I’m 75 or something like that and normal is supposed to be 80. Borderline is between 70 and 80. Oh, well, that’s not all.

This I knew about. I also have infected tonsils. He wants them out almost immediately. Probably after the first of the year. Before this epidemic of infantile it was considered best to be operated on in the warm weather but now cold weather is the best. The only danger is catching cold but that is much less a danger than getting infantile. So, probably as soon as you leave for advanced I’ll go and have them taken out.

Well, hone, that’s about it. Have to gargle three times a day because my throat is red & inflamed and they can’t operate until that goes away. Then I have to take care of my ankle and take those old iron pills and vitamins every day, too. Lord, I’m a walking drug store.

Can you imagine me being anemic? That really struck me funny. It really isn’t a laughing matter but it did seem ridiculous. Honestly, I’m really a wreck. Well, outside of all those things I’m perfectly healthy. He didn’t give me a complete examination but he’s going to complete it when his nurse comes back.

Lord, I started this two hours ago & in the past two hours I’ve been talking to your Mom & Woody.

Golly, I haven’t told you that I love you at at [sic] in this letter. Setting a new record. Well, honey, it’s about time—I love you so. And miss you terribly.

Honey, I’d better get started addressing Christmas cards now or they’ll never get there before Christmas.

Woody is sorta mad because Steve hasn’t written yet. You should hear the excuses I’ve been making up for Steve. He should appreciate me more. Woody doesn’t understand why he hasn’t written & I’m trying to explain how busy he probably is & that he probably has already written & that she’ll get a letter from him tomorrow. Write more later. This turned out to be quite a book, huh?

Gee, honey, I got your letter before and it was marvelous to hear from you. I miss you so much and a letter from you is so wonderful. You can’t imagine how good your letters make me feel. Now that I practically have one foot in the grave you’d better keep writing a lot.

Well, my darling, I really have to address those cards now or people will never get them before Christmas. I love you, hon.

So far I’ve only addressed a third of them & there are still millions more to go. This is really sad. Think that I just should give up. Can’t find anyone’s address.

Honestly, honey, I never get around to doing anything that I plan. There were a million and one things that I should have gotten done today but didn’t do one thing except get Daddy’s presents for mother.

I’ll have to get a job real soon. Been spending money like crazy lately.

Just addressed a few more cards. It’s getting worse. Can’t remember who I should send cards to & where they live. More fun.

Gee, honey, it’s Wednesday and maybe you’ll be home day after tomorrow. I sure hope so anyway. It will be wonderful to be able to spend a few days with you. I hope we will be together for a couple of days but you never can tell about the Army.

Honey, I love you so. Wish you were here now. It’s sorta cold now & you’d be so nice to get warm with. You’re always so nice & warm. My feet are awfully cold.

If the old ankle doesn’t get any better by next Tuesday or Wednesday I have to have an exray [sic]. Hope it does. He doesn’t think it’s too bad because it doesn’t hurt me at all—oh, well. That’s nothing to worry about.

Golly, this is some letter. Well, I enjoy writing when it’s to you, honey. I’d much rather see you but that’s beside the point.

Honey, you just called. Golly, when the operator said Newburgh calling I was so scared. I was sure something was wrong. It was so wonderful to hear your voice, honey. Gee, I love you so.

You sounded so happy, darling. Gee, I’m so excited about your getting that delay. That’s really wonderful. I sure am glad to hear that you’ll be home. Golly, honey, it’s so long since I’ve seen you really.

Poor Woody—what a situation. I’m so glad that you & I are all engaged and not wondering what’s going to happen next.

Honey, the darned telephone has been ringing all evening. Every time I begin to write you it ring[s] & I still haven’t finished addressing those cards.

Gee, honey, I love you so. You’re so wonderful and sweet and thoughtful. I love you. Honey, I just couldn’t miss you any more or love you any more. Yet every weekend I love you more & more.

Steve told Woody that he might get off on Thursday or all day Friday. I sure wish you’d have all day Friday off.

Golly, honey, I hope that we have a white Christmas too. That would just about make it complete. Oh, well, I’ll be happy, honey, if you’re with me. Don’t care what it does.

Gee, I hope that wherever you go it won’t be too far away. How long does it take for anyone to go from here to Georgia?

Honey, I’d love to go horseback riding. No matter how cold it is. I love riding. I’m afraid that they haven’t any two seaters with radio & heaters. That would be nice.

Yes, darling, I am going to wait until after Christmas to get my job. If you’re home do you think I’d be working any place while there was a chance to see you, honey[?] Don’t be silly. No, I’ll wait until you leave and have my tonsils taken out and then get a job after that.

Darling, I love you so. Gee, I hate to be away from you.

Have to go to New York again tomorrow and I’m certainly not looking forward toward it. Gee, I love you so much.

My darling, I’ll be so happy when you & I can be together and not have to be separated. I love you so.

Thanks loads for giving Ruth the $2.00 that she gave me. I’ll give it to you this weekend.

Darling, I’d better stop writing because it’s getting awfully late.

This sure turned out to be a real letter, didn’t it? Hope that you can read it—The way I’m scribbling, you probably can’t.

Well, honey, please write as often as you can. Just a few more days—Two, I hope, and we’ll be together. Gee, that will be wonderful. I love you so.

I told you that Ace may be home Saturday. Oh, well, I suppose we can walk. It’s about time. This certainly wasn’t a good time for me to hurt my ankle was it.

Well, honey, I love you so. Please get home as soon as you can. Guess you will.

Can’t find an envelope to match. Hope you don’t get color blind from this combination.

I love you so.

All my love,
[Transcription ends]