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A/C Wm. Judson Clark
Sqdrn I Class 45-A
Spence Field
Moultrie, Ga.

Miss Dorothy Six
8 Brookside Ave.
Pelham, 65
New York

[Transcription begins]:



My Darling,

Well hon, I made it. I don’t know how but I did. Last night after I left the U. S. O. Tom & I bumped into this Lieutenant who was driving to Valdasta and on to a small berg about 35 miles from here. So we piled into his load and started off. The guy must have been in an awful hurry, or else we were flyin’ low. I thought we’d never get here alive. We had two flat tires, and were driving in a thick fog, and every now and then this joker would fall asleep. Your luck was with me that trip angel.

From that berg we caught a bus and got here around 1030 this morning.

This place is really a dump. From the dope I’ve gotten so far, hon, the “tact” officers aren’t so bad but the instructors and flight line officers are really chicken.

The washouts here are high, about 50%, and about half of the lucky ones that do get through are flight officers. But maybe I’m just spoiled because of Stewart Field, (I say that glorious name in deep reverence.)

I guess by now, darling, you’ve had your tonsils out. How do you feel hon? Please take care of yourself and stay in the hospital until you’re completely ok.

Gosh I miss you darling; this past week has been so wonderful, I’ll never forget it darling. In fact I’ll remember every hour we’ve been together these past three months. They were wonderful darling, you’ll never know what they have meant to me. I love you so. I wish it was a week ago today.

I didn’t drink any of the scotch on the way down, there wasn’t a club or a dining car in our section of the train, so I’ll save it for a weekend in town. Today I had my first meal since Friday afternoon. I’ve only had about five hours sleep too, so I’m going to hit the sac until one, when the grind stars in, already.

I love you my darling, and miss you so much. So until I see you again in ten long weeks, keep that wonderful smile on your face, and remember, I’ll be loving you, always.

I love you

As ever—Judd

[Transcription ends]