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Sunday 1600

Dearest Mom:

Enclosed are two pictures of yours truly. Does the background look familiar? I’ve got two more and frames I’ll send you also.

I had these masterpieces taken in town last night. Boy that place is really a joint. One thing I did was to go into the Surf Room and have a beer for Bobbie’s and Ave’s good fortune. The beer was flat but the wish was sincere. It seemed strange to think that they were in that very room not so very long ago. I then went to the USO to a dance with Demurest + Lennie DiMicelli, a couple of fellows from my barracks. There were a swell bunch of girls there. We then went to that phone booth they try to pass off for a skating rink. It’s really pitiful. It’s got a coal stove in the middle of it. We got home about 2430.

This morning I had to fall out for roll call at 0615, we get an hour more Sundays. Then I slept til 1000. The fellows that shipped out today, Jim Koeurigous among them, were raising hell all night. They were giving the Barracks “piss call.” That is, they rush in and yell, “Hit the deck,” Let’s go, fall out, it’s 5:15!” And you really don’t know the difference. Several of the fellows got up and dressed only to find that it was about 0230. The latrine rumors had it that they were going to Iowa! But that was from Bowl #6, which isn’t a very reliable bowl. Got a letter from Sue B. today. She’s fine, and she’s also still on speaking terms with Don, strange.

Today I saw Flesh and Fantasy. It’s a marvelous picture. You’d enjoy it darling. A great lesson is taught in it. I’m thinking of buying a new watch. That’s a bunch of crap about us getting then when, and if, were graduated. By the way, I got paid Thursday. Believe it or not I got $21.67, not bad eh. If I do buy one, I won’t buy it ‘til I get to college because of the atrocious prices down here.

The latest dispatch from Bowl #6 has it that there’s a new B.T.C. at White Plains. I don’t quite see how it’s possible. But the rumor is spreading fast.

Saturday was a real tough day. We ran about two miles, and boy was it hot. It didn’t bother me as much as the shorter runs because I have the lucky ability to get what they call a second wind. When my breathing becomes hard but steady after the first mile, not the short trousers, I mean pants, of the starting stretch.

The training is getting tougher and tougher, but so are the trainees. My skin is still alright, and get plenty of chance to play the piano, angel.

I’m going to send you my civies [sic] this week if I can secure a box. There will be some papers enclosed with them that you can put in my scrap book.

Well there goes retreat hon, it’s 1700. I might go see “Princess O’Rourke to night, with Olivia Dehaviland. So until next time, goodbye sweetheart. I love you with all my heart and soul, beautiful. Keep well and give my love to all and kiss Kenny and Ricky from me.




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