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Teusday [sic]

Dear Mom,

How are you feeling honey, have you been to the doctors yet? I shot more landings today, did very well too, my instructor said that I had improved. I’ve got 6 ½ hours, 3 ½ more to go. Gosh I can hardly wait.

The other day we were practicing at Haley and Mr. Balko climbed out of the plane to take a leak at the end of the runway. “How does it feel to be in there alone?” he asked. Boy he can never know. It will sure seem fine to fly without him along. The weather is still bad. This afternoon we had quite a storm. It rated three balls on the storm warning mast, which mean[s] 40 m.p.h. winds. We lost two more hours flying time because of it. Luckily I flew first.

Tomorrow I’ll practice some accidental spins from steep turns, and their recovery.

They’re really fun. While the ship is in a steep turn, you keep applying back pressure on the stick until the plane stalls and flops over on its back. From there it rolls over and begins to spin. Some fun, eh kid?

We are demonstrated [sic] these spins so that we will be able to recognize them before they happen. So that we can feel the action of the plane before it goes into one so we can catch it.

Two more tests tomorrow, per usual. I am taking brake structure and actions now in airplanes. It’s very interesting, but complicated.

Taps is going to blow in five minutes honey, so it’s off to bed.

I love you, and long to see you darling. Give my love to all.

Your devoted son


[Transcription ends]