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Dear Mom,

‘Morning, how are you, honey? Another week gone. Man how the time flies. My 60 hour check is coming Monday, if I pass it, I’ll be through Primary, and then to Basic. I think I’ll go to Greenville, Miss., where I was “on the line” for a week. Or I might go to Bainbridge, Ga. About 50 miles from here. That place is a dump, so I hope I made Greenville.

Everything is O. K. with me, hon. My final average in Engines was 92, in Airplanes, 95. I’m taking A. I. and Navigation now. They’re interesting, but hard. In A. I. most of the shots are from 1000 yards. That makes the plane just a spot on the screen, and I have only 1/25th of a second to identify them. You have to really know the planes.

This was a very dull weekend, had some beers saw a cowboy picture, and came back. I thought I’d take it easy with that 60 hour coming up.

Yes, hon, a year ago we were at Saybrook. Man that was fun, wasn’t it. I’ll never forget the wonderful time we had together honey. Remember all the movies we saw? Dozens of them. That sure was a swell spot. After the war, we’ll do it again, eh?

Well angel, I guess I’ll eat now. I love you with all my heart, give my love and a kiss to Bob, and a thousand to you, hon.

Your devoted son



XXXX—To Rickey

xxxx—To Ronnie

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