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Wednsday [sic]


Dear Mom,

Just a note to let you know I’m still living hon. I’m sorry I haven’t written, but this has been one mad week. Parties, clearances, packing, and so forth. I got all this done between drinks and hangovers.

Last night there was a party at a huge plantation for the graduating class. We must have drunk the place dry. I never saw so much booze and beer. The joint was really jumpin’. The man that owns the place is a millionare [sic], and he has one of these brawls for every class at Darr. He had three pigs barbequed for us right over the open pits in his yard. Man was that good.

I’m leaving Friday at 12:10. We’re going by Pullman I think, and we might have a stopover in New York. I’ll call you from there if we do. If it’s for two or three hours, maybe you could come down and see me there. It depends on the hour and the time I have though. We might go straight through to Newbourgh [sic], however. I still have no more details for you, honey. I won’t have too much time off in Basic. I’ll be flying day in and day out, and nights too. I imagine I’ll get some weekends off, though. And Christmas, too! It sure is a break.

I love you honey, give my love to Bob. How’s the new arrival getting along[?] Is he home yet?

All my love


[Transcription ends]