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[Transcription begins]:
Hello again—

Was just talking to Woody. She didn’t call me yesterday when I was home. Well, that makes two people who know now. She’s all excited and everything. She knew the guy in the Air Corps & so we had to talk about how he’d react. She doesn’t think it will be too bad. The jerk—she wants me not to say anything and just send him an invitation to the wedding.

Oh, before I forget—Can you get her a date with Steve or someone who’s a lot of fun. We could have a good time if we double dated with her, don’t you think? Anyway, if you could, would you please, huh? (I love you—that has nothing to do with it but I do).

Honey, maybe when you come home this weekend I’ll have a new fur coat. (They’re playing “Don’t Fence Me In.” Ahem! Have you heard that yet?) Rosemary (she’s a model where I work) & I are going to look at them tomorrow at noontime—There goes my bank account.

Golly, I wish I’d get a letter from you soon. Then I’d know if you’d changed your mind or anything. Don’t forget that promise you made if you decided you didn’t love me to tell me.

All the stores are so Christmasy now. Do you think you’ll have much time off at Christmas? It will be awful if you’re home & I have to work. It will be such a waste of time—(working, I mean).

Honey, when do you get Thanksgiving off? Do you have the whole day? Do they let you off the night before or that morning? I don’t want [”I don’t want” crossed out] (That shows you what a fog I’m in. Can’t remember what on earth I was going to say.) This is awful but nice. Every few minutes I sit & stare into space & think about you.

Tomorrow’s election day. That should be exciting. We have to work, though. They’ll probably let us off early. If they do, I’m going over to see Woody & tell her what’s going to happen. Do you think there’s any chance of getting her a date for this Saturday, honey?

The Pelham-Pleasantville game is this Saturday. Gilly & I are supposed to go to it but if we can’t get a ride, then Woody & I and a bunch of girls (the same ones who were at her house that Sunday) (Is same ones bad English? It sounds funny), are going to the New Rochelle-Davis game. That should be great because I’ll meet all of that air corps guy’s friends. Oh, well—that’s life.

Honey, it’s awfully hard to write to you because I don’t know whether you’ve changed your mind after thinking things over or haven’t you had a chance to think yet?

Are you going on that cross-country thing yet? Please be careful, honey.

Honey, there’s something I want you to answer truthfully. You said the other night that you hadn’t meant it that first night when you said you loved me. Just how much of what you said that night did you mean?

In a way I’m glad that you said that you thought it would be best if that was the last weekend when we were dancing in that place (The $6 one). It scared me but at the same time made me realize how very much I did love you. Remember in the car on the way home when we were going up that hill (I can remember it so plainly) & I was explaining how I felt about you & that you were everything I’d always wanted in a fellow? You got so serious & said that you wished I hadn’t said that. And then that it was too perfect an opening for a proposal. I thought that you thought that I was just trying to get you to ask me to marry you. The though[t] never entered my mind until you said that because I knew you weren’t the type who wanted to get married and settle down & stuff. When you asked about “long engagements” then I thought that maybe you’d ask me to marry you someday but when you did and said in March, it certainly surprised me.

Hope that Saturday hurries & gets here. Do you think that your mother will want you to get married in March? Every time I even write it I have to stop & think a while.

Honey, what would you like for Christmas? I’d like to give you some kind of jewelery [sic] or something that you would be able to have with you all the time. What would you like, hon? You’ve got a bracelet & a watch. Maybe you’ll lose one of them. Well, I wouldn’t give you a bracelet anyway. Sorta a supersticious? Supersticous? (here we go again—) superstisous? Oh well—reasons.

Lord, what a letter this turned out to be. Almost a book.

Judson, did you just tell me to go out with anyone I wanted to ease your conscience? By the way do you often go out with WAC’s?

Danny Kaye’s on the 1280 Club now. When we get married (what a thought!) we’ll have to get a lot of records (when we have a victrola to play them on).

Honey, what are going to do after we’re married? How long do you think that you’ll be in the states? Golly, I hope that the war ends before you have to go overseas. That’s really wishful thinking.

Do you think that we could go to Sun Valley on our honeymoon? That would be wonderful. Where do you think that you’ll be stationed after you get your commission? It would be marvelous if you were stationed at Stewart or someplace near here so that you would be near home. Then I could model in New York and we could be together every weekend but it probably wouldn’t work out that way. It would be nice to have stationed in California for about two years & the duration—I always wanted to see it. I’d better stop now or I’ll be writing all night. I love you, honey.

[Transcription ends]