Items in this collection include book publications as well as contributions to book publications authored or edited by History and Social Sciences Faculty at Bryant University.


Manuscripts from 2012


Holocaust Imagery and Gun Control, Michael S. Bryant

Manuscripts from 2011


Victim Nationality in US and British Military Trials: Hadamar, Dachau, Belsen, Wolfgang Form and Michael S. Bryant

Manuscripts from 2009


Judicial Wars, Richard Holtzman


Privacy Rights, Richard Holtzman

Manuscripts from 2008


Punishing the Excess: Sadism, Bureaucratized Atrocity, and the U.S. Army Concentration Camp Trials, November 1945-December 1947, Michael S. Bryant

Military Hero (Image in Campaigns), Richard Holtzman

Manuscripts from 2006

Gun Control in the United States: A Reference Handbook, Gregg Lee Carter

An American Heroine in the French Resistance: The Diary and Memoir of Virginia d'Albert-Lake, Virginia d' Albert-Lake and Judy Barrett Litoff

Voluntarism and Volunteering, Richard Holtzman

Manuscripts from 2005

The George W. Bush Foreign Policy Reader: Presidential Speeches and Commentary, John W. Dietrich and George W. Bush

The Dynamics of Racial Progress: Economic Inequality and Race Relations Since Reconstruction, Antoine L. Joseph

Gunther's Travels: The Odyssey of Metasequoia Seeds from the 1920s?, Judy Barrett Litoff

Rosie the Riveter, Judy Barrett Litoff

Women and World War II, Judy Barrett Litoff

Democracy Versus diversity - A False Dichotomy: A Critique of the Jacobson Committee Report, Marsha Pripstein Posusney

Authoritarianism in the Middle East: Regimes and Resistance, Marsha Pripstein Posusney and Michele Penner Angrist

Manuscripts from 2004

Doing Sociology with Student CHIP: data happy!, Gregg Lee Carter

Empirical Approaches to Sociology: A Collection of Classic and Contemporary Readings, Gregg Lee Carter

American Convention on Human Rights, John W. Dietrich

Equal Employment Opportunity Act of 1972, John W. Dietrich

Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988, John W. Dietrich

Public Works Employment Act of 1977, John W. Dietrich

Rehabilitation Act of 1973, John W. Dietrich

Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, John W. Dietrich

Vietnam Era Veterans' Readjustment Assistance Act of 1974, John W. Dietrich

Olive Ann Mellor Beech, Judy Barrett Litoff

The Theater is in the Street: Politics and Performance in Sixties America, Bradford D. Martin

Globalization and Labor Protection in Oil-Poor Arab Countries: Racing to the Bottom?, Marsha Pripstein Posusney

Manuscripts from 2003

Fighting Fascism in Europe: The World War II Letters of an American Veteran of the Spanish Civil War, Lawrence Cane, David E. Cane, Judy Barrett Litoff, and David C. Smith

Women and Globalization in the Arab Middle East: Gender, Economy, and Society, Eleanor Abdella Doumato and Marsha Pripstein Posusney

Manuscripts from 2002

Guns in American society : an encyclopedia of history, politics, culture, and the law, Gregg Lee Carter

Brown Bess, David S. Lux

Long Rifle (Pennsylvania/Kentucky), David S. Lux

Tommy Gun, David S. Lux

Whitney, Eli (1765-1825), David S. Lux

Urbanism and Gun Violence, Judith McDonnell

Women and Guns, Judith McDonnell

Privatization and Labor: Responses and Consequences in Global Perspective, Marsha Pripstein Posusney and Linda J. Cook

Manuscripts from 2001

Analyzing Contemporary Social Issues: A Workbook with Student CHIP Software, Gregg Lee Carter

Learning Research Methods with SPSS: A Workbook, Gregg Lee Carter

Politics as Art, Art as Politics: The Freedom Singers, the Living Theatre, and Public Performance, Bradford D. Martin

Manuscripts from 2000

Working women in America: Split Dreams, Sharlene Nagy Hesse-Biber and Gregg Lee Carter

What Kind of World Do We Want? : American Women Plan for Peace, Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith

Manuscripts from 1997

Dear Poppa: The World War II Berman Family Letters, Ruth Berman and Judy Barrett Litoff

Perspectives on Current Social Problems, Gregg Lee Carter

Single-Parent Families, Blended Families, and Academic Achievement, Michael Fraleigh

American Women in a World at War: Contemporary Accounts from World War II, Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith

Manuscripts from 1994

European Immigrant Women in the United States: A Biographical Dictionary, Judy Barrett Litoff and Judith McDonnell

We're In This War Too: World War II Letters from American Women in Uniform, Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith

Manuscripts from 1991

Since You Went Away: World War II Letters from American Women on the Home Front, Judy Barrett Litoff and David C. Smith

Dear Boys: World War II Letters From a Woman Back Home, Keith Frazier Somerville, Judy Barrett Litoff, and David C. Smith

Manuscripts from 1990

Miss You: The World War II Letters of Barbara Wooddall Taylor and Charles E. Taylor, Barbara Wooddall Taylor, Charles E. Taylor, Judy Barrett Litoff, and David C. Smith

Manuscripts from 1986

The American Midwife Debate: A Sourcebook on its Modern Origins, Judy Barrett Litoff

Manuscripts from 1978

American Midwives, 1860 to the Present, Judy Barrett Litoff