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Created by Matthew Cook for Honors Thesis Project.

First Faculty Advisor

Sukki Yoon

Second Faculty Advisor

Kristen Berkos


sports marketing; spillover effect; advertising


Bryant University

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The goal of this study was to determine the effects that an athletic team's performance may have on the ways in which their fans view advertisements. Conducted using a 2 (game: basketball vs. baseball) x 2 (outcome: win vs. loss) x 2 (score: blowout vs. close game) experimental study created within Qualtrics, we set out to determine how the type of game, outcome, and score may all affect advertisement appeal. Using clips from a Celtics vs Lakers game as well as a Red Sox vs Yankees game, we created short video clips that were designed to replicate the experience of watching a live broadcast of a sporting event. The 170 college-aged participants were then asked to complete a short survey which was used to gauge their feelings towards 3 different advertisements which were shown after the sports clip. Using this data, we were able to find an interesting relationship between the type of game, how the game type affected each participant's perception of a positive score or outcome, and finally, how these perceptions influenced advertisement appeal among viewers. This study provided crucial information to sports marketers which may be used to determine how to best allocate their advertising budget during major sporting events.