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Katherine Trickey; WWII

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Fri. 7 Sep [1945]

Dear Folks,

My apologies for such a long time between letters – I just haven’t had time at the office and haven’t seemed to be able to get in the right mood at the barracks!

We spend our time nowadays speculating on how soon we’ll get out!! It is definite that I can apply for release when my two years are up in November and that they cannot hold me more than 3 months after that and probably wouldn’t hold me more than a month, so I may yet be home for Xmas. Don’t bank on it, however, as conditions may vary greatly before then.


We are going on a 40 hr week – with Wed and Sat PM’s off. (we hope!) – We even had a holiday Monday. I had to work Sunday morning but got away at noon and went to Indian Springs with Cook. (Marjorie had to work Monday) – It is supposed to be the best place to go in this section of the State and is a pleasant enough place to spend about 2 hrs. A small swimming pool, a stream with boats for hire, 3 bowling alleys, a small museum, a famous mineral spring, mineral baths, and about 5 acres of State park. There are two good sized hotels there and people even go there for all summer or for two or three weeks vacation. It would be the same as going to Sieur de Monte (sic) Springs at Bar Harbor (1) if there were no mountains or public land around it and no lakes or ocean


within driving distance! The Eldor Hotel, where we were fortunate enough to get a room, is an old fashioned but very nice hotel. There were about 75 people in the dining hall – not more than 15 of whom were under 60 yrs old.

We really enjoyed the rest but I wouldn’t want to spend many days there.

Tues. night was the V-J party – but Marj & I decided as we didn’t care for Beer we might just as well go to town and get a night’s sleep instead of going to the party.

Wed PM was the big victory parade. Naturally being in it, we couldn’t see much of it – but it took practically ¾ hrs for it to go by the reviewing stand at 8 people across instead of the usual 4. – I imagine there were about 18,000 of us – which


is a lot of people. It was rather thrilling but not so much so as it would have been if it had been held the day after the announcement of the end when everyone but the army had holidays!

I am so glad, Mother, that you and Dad could go to Camp after all – I bet it’s hard, Dot, waiting, is it not? Seems as if it could not be long now.

Mother, I have thought of going to Library School – among other things I’ve thought of – and am no more able to make up my mind than ever! –



(1) Sieur de Mont Springs is considered to be the beginning of Acadia Park when George B. Dorr, the first superintendent of the park, built a springhouse over a spring in 1909 and carved “Sweet Waters of Acadia” on a rock.

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