The Bryant College Service Club was formed in March 1942 by Bryant students for Bryant alumni serving their country during World War II. Its purpose was to send monthly packages of cigarettes, candy, cookies, letters, and knitted articles to Bryant men and women serving in the U.S. military. The club also sold war stamps and bonds and conducted first aid classes.

When the club was formed there were about 80 Bryant men and women deployed throughout the world. Over a 3 year period this number grew to over 500 Bryant alumni/ae engaged in World War II.

The 1,300 letters received by the Bryant College Service Club from 1942 to 1945 were arranged in four scrapbooks, probably under the aegis of Miss Blaney, who was Director of the club in addition to her duties as Publicity Director and Director of Placement during this time.

In September of 2008 these letters were rediscovered by Bryant's library director, Mary Moroney and Bryant student, Jillian Emma, '09. Subsequently, the Providence Journal featured a heart warming story about these letters on the front page of the December 24, 2008 edition of the paper. The June 29, 2009 issue of The Chronicle of Higher Education also ran a story on these letters. In addition, The Berkeley Electronic Press highlighted this collection in the Fall 2009 issue of the Digital Commons Subscriber Newsletter.

Judy Barrett Litoff , Bryant University Professor and world renowned expert on letter writing during World War II, is now using these letters and other Bryant artifacts from this time period such as IBM founder Thomas J. Watson's 1945 Bryant Commencement address to teach students about World War II using primary source materials. During the Spring of 2009 students working on these materials presented their projects at the 25th Annual Meeting of the National Social Science Association in Las Vegas and again at Bryant on April 23, 2009. The multimedia presentation given at Bryant is available here. Further information on this event can be found in an article entitled, "College of Letters," which was published in the Providence Journal on Tuesday April 28, 2009.

Bryant College Goes to War, the book, by Judy Barrett Litoff was published by the Douglas and Judith Krupp Library in November 2013 as part of Bryant’s 150th anniversary celebration and is available for purchase through the Bryant University Bookstore. Proceeds from this publication will support student scholarships.

The updated 2018 edition of this title can be viewed online here.

Copyright Statement:

© 2007. Bryant University. All Rights Reserved. For permission to use, copy, and/or distribute the materials in the Bryant College Goes to War Writing Project, please contact Bryant University at: .


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Aaron, S.E. ( "Eddie")

Abrahamson, Chester R.

Adams, Harold E.

Addario, Frank T.

Aguiar, George

Allard, Donald J.

Allen, Warren B.

Altieri, Leonard J.

Ameen, Edward

Anthony, Jr., Benjamin Earl

Babcock, Henry S.

Banks, Marvin E.

Bannan, John M.

Barbeau, Laurence J.

Barlow, Jr., Peter H.

Barsalou, George A. ("Albert")

Bastone, Louis

Bateson, Lincoln C.

Benoit, George

Bento, William L.

Bergman, Robert G.

Bergquist, Walter L.

Bernstein, Robert

Berth, William P.

Besaw, Virginia

Bessette, Philip A.

Bigda, Rudolph A. "Rudy"

Bither, Jr., Fred A.

Blais, Leo P.

Blanchette, Roland

Blaszkow, Anne

Bliven, Jr., William A.

Bonitati, C. Joseph "Joe"

Bonn, Herbert Allen

Bonn, Norman A.

Bora, Leon P.

Bowers, Jr., Earle

Bowler, Jr., Arthur F.

Brahmer, Wallace E. "Wally"

Brais, George H.

Bray, Raymond G.

Brewer, Thomas A.

Briggs, Jr., Edwin B.

Bromberg, Eugene D.

Brown, Russell W.

Bryant College Goes to War by Judy Barrett Litoff

Buerdsell, Joseph H.

Bullock, Jr., Bertram F.

Bunnell, Jr., George A.

Burnham, Carlton

Burnham, Jr., Courtland R.

Butler, Jr., Joseph H.

Cacchiotti, Albert D.

Cafferty, Edwin T.

Cain, Jr., William J.

Caldwell, Eugene

Caracuzzo, John

Cardoze, Richard E.

Cerce, Angelo M.

Challberg, Carl A.

Champlin, John L.

Clark, Robert T.

Cloos, William H.

Cofman, Morris

Cole, Alfred W.

Coleman, William S.

Collier, James M.

Colwell, E. Warren

Cone, Paul R.

Congdon, Gardiner W.

Connery, Jr., James J.

Connor, Robert F.

Connors, Henry T.

Connors, Jr., Alvin J.

Conte, Carlo

Cooke, Allen C.

Coracci, Nicholas C.

Cormier, Lionel J.

Cornell, Philip R.

Corrigan, Cornelius E.

Crawley, C. Leonard

Crawley, Walter V.

Crawley, Wesley C.

Crocker, Jr., Charles E.

Crowe, Harold M.

D'Auteuil, J. Emery "Babe"

Deignan, Jr., Vincent R.

Delaney, Frederick W.

Desormeaux, Chester W.

Dickenman, Curtis

Dion, George T.

Donaldson, Jr., Robert J.

Doran, John J.

Dorr, Philip G.

Dow, James R.

Drayton, Richard J.

Drew, Jr., Willis A.

Duckworth, Edwin E. "Duck"

Duhamel, Gerard L.

Dunbar, Jr., Robert H.

Dunham, George A.

Dunn, James F.

Dunn, Thomas J.

Dwelly, Paul B.

Dworkin, Paul

Dyjak, Walter P.

Edwards, Jr., Oliver C.

Eldridge, Eleanor F.

Ellis, Ruth V. (Porter)

Ellis, Thomas

Ellsworth, Edward F.

Endler, Marjorie L.

Erickson, Herbert E.

Esten, George W.

Etzel, David P.

Euart, John F.

Everson, Jr., Kirke B.

Factor, Irving

Fallon, Francis X.

Fallon, Patrick J.

Fay, John F.

Feeley, Philip C.

Fera, E. Anthony "Tony"

Ferrier, Wallace

Ferri, Nicholas A.

Fifield, Donald I.

Filipowich, Jr. , Paul

Finkle, Leon H. "Pinky"

Fitzgerald, Maurice J.

Fogarty, Raymond

Fogwell, Richard E.

Forrest, Jr., Erle D.

Fowler, Marshall M.

Fowler, Robert N.

Fox, Samuel H.

Frechette, Jr., Oscar "Buzz"

French, Jr., Aaron A.

Frost, Jr., William E.

Gaillaguet, Raymond L.

Gaioni, Roger B.

Galiskis, Edward A.

Ganosel, Henry J.

Garrigus, Norman A.

Garvies, George Francis

Gavitt, William M.

Germani, Raymond T.

Gifford, Josephine R.

Gillard, Raymond L.

Giroux, Melina A.

Glaiel, Louis E.

Glover, James A.

Goldberg, Jerome K. "Jerry"

Golden, Martin F.

Golub, Harry I.

Gorman, Jr., John W.

Gourlay, John F.

Grace, William P.

Greenspon, George A.

Gudavich, John L.

Gulliver, Jr., Herbert J.

Guy, Nathaniel

Hacking, Charles E.

Hadley, Harold M.

Hall, Daniel E.

Hallem, Arnold H.

Hall, Everett M.

Hammond, F. Douglas

Harbach, Richard K.

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Hastings, Jr., Lee H.

Hazard, Kenneth B.

Healey, Edward J.

Healy, Peter M.

Hearn, Richard C.

Hempel, Jean

Herdsman, George K.

Hines, Dorothy F. (O’Connell)

Hobson, Harold R.

Hochman, Irving

Houle, Jr., Joseph A. "Al"

Howarth, James Bertram

Hudson, Jr., Theodore C.

Hull, John K.

Hurley, Frank A.

Iredale, Wesley F.

Italiano, Lawrence A.

Jablecki, Henry S.

Jasiewicki, Henry J.

Jeanfavre, Henry R.

Johnson, Theron S. "Ted"

Jordan, Ernest L.

Kapit, Aaron

Kaplan, Samuel

Kaufman, David P.

Kazarian, George

Kessell, Ruth M.

Knight, Irving W.

Kohlman, Jr., Herman A.

Kosta, Nicholas P.

Kovacs, Henry E.

Kryston, Matthew E.

Kulig, John W.

Lada, Michael

Lada, Stephen

Lahdenpera, Eila

Lakey, Ralph H.

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Lancellotti, Anthony

Langello, Charles J.

Lapin, Milton J.

Larson, David O.

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LaRussa, James J.

Latimer, George T.

Lawrence, Esther L. (Semple)

Leach, John B.

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Leighton, Myrtle B. (Robidoux)

Lenkiewicz, John A.

Lentz, William C.

Levin, Leonard M.

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Martelle, Louis C.

Maskovsky, Clifford

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